EMC Troubleshooting

LCD does not display information

  • Possible Cause: Console is not plugged in
  • Possible Solution: Plug in console with supplied 9VDC power supply

Both sides of the sign are blank

  • Possible Cause: No message was sent to sign
  • Possible Solution: 1. Send message to sign following directions in operations manual
  • Possible Cause: No power to sign
  • Possible Solution: Turn on power to the sign; Check fuses/ wiring

Only one side of sign displays message

  • Possible Cause:Connections are not connected correctly
  • Possible Solution: Check all connections to sign

Messages shows lines out of sequence and 2 or 3 size fonts are not displayed correctly

  • Possible Cause: Line outputs are connected incorrectly
  • Possible Solution Side A: Connect line 1 (top) to output 1. Connect line 2 (middle) to output 2. Connect line 3 (bottom) to output 3
  • Possible Solution Side B: Connect line 1 (top) to output 5. Connect line 2 (middle) to output 6. Connect line 3 (top) to output 7

When showing time, date or temperature, sign shown boxes or nothing

  • Possible Cause: Time and Date was not set in console and sent to sign
  • Possible Solution: Set time and date in console and send to sign
  • Possible Cause: Time and Temperature Probe is not connected
  • Possible Solution: Connect time and temp probe to J5 in the time and temp module

Message does not not change

  • Possible Cause: Message was changed, in console but never sent to sign
  • Possible Solution: After entering message, go to the first screen and arrow down to “Send Message to Sign”
  • Possible Cause: Signal did not get to sign - received “Error - Send Again” message
  • Possible Solution: Make sure that the console is in direct line of sight with sign and send again. If behind a window, try from another location or from outside. The window in the store may have a uv coating or other elements that may interfere with the radio signal. If this is the case, call Everbrite for alternate antenna solutions

Console is not displaying message screens

  • Possible Cause: “Price/Message” button was not pressed.
  • Possible Solution: Press Price/Message button on console. All further activity will now be controlled by the supplied keyboard. READ THE OPERATIONS MANUAL

Line entry will only allow some of the message to be entered

  • Possible Cause: Message entered is longer than the line allows
  • Possible Solutions:
    • Shorten message
    • Select “TRAV EL” for the mode before text is entered.
    • Select a lower font number (1 is smallest, 3 is largest) - the smaller the font, the more characters can fit on a line.

All 3 font sizes are not available

  • Possible Cause: Single ine signs can only display 1 line of text. 2 line signs can only display 1 line or 2 lines of text
  • Possible Solution: None. A larger message center may be purchased from Everbrite. For more information, refer to manual
  • Possible Cause: When operating a sign, the size used in line one will effect the sizes available in lines 2 and 3. The font sizes available will be adjusted by the prior lines input or by sign setup
  • Possible Solution: Read the owners manual to better understand how to enter a message properly

Messages entered in console run off the edge of the sign

  • Possible Cause: Sign may be incorrectly setup
  • Possible Solution: Measure the message area (area in between the vinyl) to get an accurate size. Columns: Divide the length of inches by 9. Round this number down to the nearest inch and multiply by 8. This will give you the amount of columns in your sign. Select the closest number in Sign Setup - do not select a higher number of columns than your calculation. Lines: The EMC is available in 1, 2 or 3 line configurations. The window height of a 1 line is approx 10”, 2 line window height is approximately 20”, 3 line window height is approximately 30”. Message will need to be re-entered and sent to sign to ensure that correct setup was selected. If the sign is too high or far away to measure, simply change sign setup until message is displayed correctly. For example, if the message almost fits, select the next lower number for columns. If the message repeats itself, select the next higher option for columns
  • Possible Cause: If DAY and DATE run off the edge, select either Day on one line and DATE on another line
  • Possible Solution: If DAY and DATE run off the edge, select either Day on one line and DATE on another line